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Being On Mission

The church is not a destination point for crowds. The church is a vehicle engineered by God to send people into neighborhoods and to the nations. We have many opportunities to be on mission at church, locally, cross-culturally, and internationally. We believe all believers have a responsibility from their backyards to the nations. And it is through the church that this mission is accomplished!

Serving Opportunities

Our church serves the neighborhood weekly, and we take several international trips a year. Check out our serving opportunities below and fill out our form below for more information.

  • Serve the Church

    We have many areas to serve within our church at both our 43rd St. and Southside campuses. Our ministry areas are designed to help people leverage the abilities and experiences God has given each person to serve others within the church.

    • First Impressions
    • Worship Ministry
    • Children’s Ministry
    • Student Ministry
    • Discipleship/Teaching
    • Tech Ministry (Sound/AVL)
    • Women’s Ministry
    • Building & Grounds
  • Serve the Neighborhood

    We have several local mission partners that church members serve with on a regular basis. We also have something we call We Love Bradenton each quarter where the whole church gets together on a Saturday to serve our neighbors in a variety of ways.

  • Serve the Nations

    We have short-term mission trips that share the gospel and serve local churches in several nations around the world. If you’ve never been on a mission trip before or if you’re a seasoned veteran, we have a trip for you. Below is a list of the upcoming mission trips scheduled.

    • Belize Men’s Trip (February 2022)
    • Central Asia Trip (March 2022)
    • Belize Family Trip (May 2022)
    • Romania OMC Trip (July 2022)
    • Belize Medical Trip (October 2022)
    • Columbia OMC Trip (January 2023)

Start Serving

If you’re interested in serving in our church, neighborhood, or nation fill out the form below.

In which area(s) which you like to serve?(Required)